Academy & Workshops

Classic boats are about to disappear. A lack of specialists engaged in restoration and repair plus a lack of crews skilled, with the old rigging.Formerly there were whole families dedicated to this activity and the experience was passed from father to son. Those times are over.But this boats still exist and is need to keep work to preserve them. Our nautical classic academy project bet in making it possible by recovering the tradition before it disappears, training sailors capable in handling this boats that are part of world heritage naval history.We import the experiences that we know they are working in other countries, where the theoretical and practical workshops are very popular.Here in Mallorca, we have all need for such a successful project. “Mar y Mar Academy” is inviting new candidates in participate into knowledge transfer program as we have called "Specialists to future Specialists", which the students receive a privileged and unique theory and practice training in navigation and workshops on real projects.The most important courses we offer are:-Navigation, Racing and maneuvering. (practice).-Repair and restoration. Wood, varnish, paint, knots, rope splicing, wire splicing. (Practical and theoretical).-Incorporation prepare into racing crew and professional nautical activities.